Emil Andersson

Level Designer

Egypt Fever Text Adventure


  • Made in  8 weeks half time
  • Team of 10 (2 Level Designers,

4 programmers, 3 Graphic artist)

  • Running in a engine called Allan

My contributions to this project:

  • Made several puzzels throw out the game
  • Bugg testing


A text adventure about a man getting teleported to Egypt and has to solve a bunch of puzzles to get out from a pyramid features talking goats and a missing grandfather.

One of the iteams that the player can pick up

Tutorial learning the player to use iteams with each other

Making the Game

This was the first game I made with a team at The Game Assembly the main idea was to show the game from an angle that showed the player the whole room. By showing the player the whole room made it easier for players and the designers to construct puzzles and story. As for a setting we choose to do an Swedish inspired setting mixed in with temples and ruins the result was an old man that was teleported to Egypt and while there solved a bunch of puzzles to try and find a way back home. 

One of the first puzzles inside the temple was to light the oil that lit up rest of the tempel with a small fire pit on the edge of each room

The player need to blow a hole in the wall to get futher into the temple

Designing puzzles and rooms

Me and the other designer divided the game into parts and from there we designed and thought out puzzles that we then pitched for the rest of the team. The beetle was added to show the player way's they could go by lightning up the letter depending on which way the player could go.

My favorite puzzle is when the player enters a room with a tomb in the middle by inspecting a statue next to the tomb the player discovers a room hidden behind the statue. In the room the player finds a corpse with a dynamite the player takes the dynamite and goes out from the room and blows a hole in the wall. A huge crack in the Tomb room gave a way the clue that the player could break the wall and by inspecting it would hint about some way to blow it up.