Emil Andersson

Level Designer

Feed the Cat Point and Click Adventure 

My contributions to this project:

  • Helped with the design for the rooms
  • Did the XML for the rooms
  • Bugg testing


Feed the Cat is a Point and Click adventure game that takes our protagonist Granny to several locations like her old apartment, the medieval times and a distant future. Throughout the game Granny needs to solve puzzles in a cave and unlock a portal in the tower of a lazy wizard and even defeat intelligent rats welding weapons.

Planning the game

The team got together and discussed what would be fun and what kind of point and click game we enjoyed the most. Most of us wanted to have a silly game with loots of jokes and puzzles after that we decided on what places we wanted the player to visit and explore.  We decided on three areas and that our protagonist should be an old grumpy old lady.

The areas that the player would visit was her home(with worked as an tutorial), The medieval times  and the future. Me and the other level designer started to work on puzzles and divided the work between us I was mainly in charge of the Medieval area and parts of the tutorial.

After all of the rooms was planned I started to work with the XML that the game used to read stuff in so I could decide and edit conversations, items ,walkable area, doors and what background the rooms would have.       

The Kitchen witch is a part of the tutorial


  • Made in  8 weeks half time
  • Team of 9 (2 Level Designers,

4 programmers, 3 Graphic artist)

  • Running in HGE rendering engine

The player get stuck between time and space

Our protagonist meets a rat in the future