Emil Andersson

Level Designer


  • Made in  9 weeks half time
  • Team of 12 (3 Level Designers, 5

programmers, 3 Graphic artist)

  • Running in a custom made engine

Railgun one out of three weapons

Making the end game level

It's been a long time since I created a last level for a game, I started out with talking to the artists that was going to supply me with the props. We decided that the main theme for the map would be that the player would move down to find the source of the plague spreading across the magic school.

I started to draw rooms in my note book and piece them together when I re drew them in Photoshop. To make the levels in the game interesting we added a lot of vertically in every level wich feels good and make up for some cool gameplay.     

The in game level and layout do look alike but more rooms where added while some areas was remade completely like the player start area that was re designed several times to fit for several players but also making sure that culling worked like is should.         

Enemies running towards the player

The last boss area before we recived feadback

Luna Academia a First Person Shooter

My contributions to this project:

  • Designed the last level.
  • Proped the last level.
  • Lightning for the last level.
  • Scripted events for the last level.
  • Made collisons for all props using Physx.
  • Adjusted weapons.
  • Bug testing/feadback sessions.


Magic is a dangerous thing. For centuries stories have been told about the horrid outcomes wizards have encountered when abusing their magic. Stories provided to scare people into not digging too deep into the unknown depths of our powers.

But as always there are those who must find out for themselves. Defying the stories, regarding to them as myth, someone has dabbled in the dark arts. The Blue Plague is the product of one such experiment allowing someone, or something to take control over our school. There is almost no one left uninfected. I hope i’ll find a way to stop this madness.

Enemy on a balcony

Layout for the last level (health and ammo was placed once enimes was added )

Lightning and feedback

At first we only had two wall textures that we had to reuse for all three levels. We decided that instead of using more walls we would make the lightning different starting with the first level that would be very well lit and the last level that would be very dark.

This was not enough and we got a lot of feedback that it was hard to navigate the levels. The artist started to work on new sets of walls that we could use for the levels. We used the new wall sets to different the rooms from each other and each room got more memorable which made the levels easier to navigate.

More changes were made such as items and enemy placements to balance the game further. 

The last boss area after feadback