Emil Andersson

Level Designer

Lunar Labyrinth 4 Player co-op Hack and Slash

My contributions to this project:

  • Level Design
  • Balancing
  • Bugg Testing
  • Collisions
  • Tutorial


Lunar labyrinth is a 4 player co-op game where you play one out of three classes Assassin, Guardian and wizard. The game has three levels where the player ventures deeper down a labyrinth to find gold and slay monsters while avoiding deadly traps.   

Design Progress

We wanted to create a game that we could play together locally so we looked around for other games with did the same and ended up looking a lot on Gauntlet (the 2014 version from Arrowhead).

While the programmers started to code and the artists started to look around for an art direction while me and the other level designers created a design document pointing features that we needed to have(like walking and character animations) and what we needed for feedback to make it fun.

When the artist had set an direction they started to produce placeholder assets which me and the other designer could use to start blocking out levels. When the animation for enemies and player characters was done we worked a lot with getting them into the game and balancing them.


Players fighting mummies the weakest enemy in the game


  • Made in 8 weeks full time

  • Running in a custom made engine

  • Team of 12 (3 Level Designers, 5

programmers, 3 Graphic artist)