Emil Andersson

Level Designer



  • Made in 10 weeks half time
  • Team of 12 (3 Level Designers, 5

programmers, 4 Graphic artist)

  • Running in a custom made engine

The player getting attacked by rebels

Making the game


The game was divided into three areas Ice planet, Junk planet and the nebula each area has two levels except for the Ice planet which had three because it had an tutorial.

I was in charge of the Junk planet area and made two levels for it while doing this I created the collision for all props including adjusting the players collision and loading the models into the game.


The levels where created in Unity and then all the positions and rotations exported to XML throw a script in Unity.

Missions where made and adjusted in Unity and was included in the script exported from Unity by giving an empty object a script we decided on what amount of enemies would be triggered and where they would come from.



The small circle is showing the player where to shoot to hit the enemy

Warp gate is located at the end of every level

Incoming ships are marked by arrow and when in sight they are marked with an red box

The levels


I was in charge of the Junk planet area which I made two levels for called Dead Satellite and Protoplanet.

Junk area had a green/yellow sky box with a grey/green planet in the background I placed props for broken satellites and ships together with a bunch of asteroids to create a "dead environment".


The first level Dead Satellite was pretty short and hade the player fly around and pick up three pickups before triggering an enemy attack around the player giving it a sense of being flanked. When flying back to get to the next level the player would be introduced to one of the strongest enemy ships.


Protoplanet was the next level which the player had to destroy three power stations each guarded by one heavy ship with two faster going ships guarding it.






Immerse yourself in the world of Lunar Mercenary, a first person space shooter experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Explore the universe, progress through the story and slaughter the rebels standing in your way in order to reach the ultimate goal; annihilation of the rebel alliance.

Boasting dynamic gameplay, amazing graphics and next level performance, Lunar Mercenary is a must have for pc gamers who want the most out of their experience. Best of all; it’s completely free of charge. That’s right, it costs absolutely nothing for you to try this mind-blowing adventure out!

So what’s stopping you?

My contributions to this project:


  • Placed enemies and props for act 2 (2 levels)
  • Balanced weapons for the player and enemy
  • Adjusted the strokes for bullets
  • Built the collision for all props
  • Adjusted missions and objectives

Lunar Mercenary 3D space shooter Game