Emil Andersson

Level Designer


  • Made in  8 weeks half time
  • Team of 9 (2 Level Designers, 4 programmers, 3 Graphic artist)
  • Running in HGE rendering engine

Intro for the game giving a quick backstory

Designing the game

The team came up with the idea that the player should be able to control three character and that every character should be special and have different abilities. Ox is the melee persona used to charge the enemy from a distance and take as much damage as possible while Pao would stand in a distance shooting rockets that could go through several enemies. When both these character would be wounded in battle the player could use the last character Crane to heal the wounded.

Me and the other level designer would  draw a top down of the level in our notebook and with the top down put missions into the map after that we re made it in photoshop to make it easy to show and describe the level for others in our team.  We would then chance the map after feedback from the rest of the team.  When most of the assets and plugins were ready we would start making the map in Tield we would then update the maps regularly after feedback  from playtesters.       

Screenshot from the second level

(Notice the change of color jade in this and the last level)

Tutorial level learning the player about the combat

Top down design of the last level

Final design of the last level

(Futuring less jade color showing some sort of progression)

Silver Sea  Turn Based Strategy

My contributions to this project:

  • Level Design
  • Trum Master
  • Balancing
  • Bugg Testing
  • Mission Design
  • Game Design


Silver Sea is a TBS where I was in charge of the levels and flow of the game it's set in an oriental death kingdom where the emperor has gone mad by the cinnabar crystal it up to the three demigods Oxe, Pao and Crane to stop him. The game takes you throw 7 levels with the last boss being the emperor. All levels are made using a program called Tield  which we created plugins for to be able to adjust missions and walk able areas that we later exported to the engine.