Emil Andersson

Level Designer

Sniper Extinction Mobile Free to Play FPS


Note: Requires Android 5.0 or later.

My contributions to this project:

  • Level Design for over a 100 levels.
  • Helped with the Game Design.
  • Translation.
  • Market Research.
  • Goto person for Interns.
  • Held playtesting sessions.


Mankind faces extinction as the people of Earth are thrown into a full-on war with an unknown invading force in this action-packed sci-fi shooter. You, formerly the best sniper in the armed forces, are called back into action to do your duty for the human race. You answer the call and soon become the deadliest weapon of the resistance, and mankind's best hope of survival.


130+ unique Campaign Missions, High Replayability with multiple objectives and secrets in the mission levels, Level Ranks and Achievements, Beautiful and realistic graphics and animations, Spectacular visual effects, Destructible environments, Easy and Intuitive controls.


As one of the best snipers of all time you will kill your enemies from long distances using 15+ upgradeable high precision sniper rifles.


Filling in as gunner in the crew of the gunship Brooklyn Diner, you rain fire upon the invaders from the air, using heavy machine guns, auto cannons and howitzers.


Being a weapons specialist in a Tactical Support unit also means causing mayhem and laying down heavy fire in rail-shooter style missions with machine guns mounted in helicopters, on tanks and on armoured vehicles.

Gunship mission where the player protects a tank and soldiers

Air bombardment triggered by completing the level

Designing a Mission

A level starts with an idea for an environment and what would happen in the mission. The level is then pitched for other members in the team and if new 3D models was needed then it would be put on an list of assets to be created by artists.

While the 3D models is being created I started working on the terrain, with the help some references images and some props to get the scale right a first draft is done. Next step is to script the mission, placing enemies and figure out what will happen if the player gets detected or use on of the many in game abilities such as Airstrikes.

When the rough version of the level is done it's playtested by someone in the team and is the iterated on.     

Minigun missions is always on rail and in some sort of vehicle going around the level

One of many "War Effort" missions where the player fights against an endless horde of enemies

War Effort

To get more resources in Sniper Extinction the player can either play/replay missions, buy more for cash or play the war effort game mode.

This mode has an online leaderboard which ranks the top score for players. The player can chose one out of five continents on a world map, each continent contains 4-6 unique levels which are randomly picked when the player starts.

The goal is to survive as long as possible but every time the player kills an enemy more will spawn. A level from these modes would be created by using one of the already created maps in the campaign. To make it more interesting more covers and props would be added and some times even a new animation or event.       



Bullet closing in on the enemy

Minigun level where the player comes in by a chopper

A gunship mission where the player is destroying a military base

The player enters this level by going on a moving train making it a bit harder to aim.