Emil Andersson

Level Designer

CTF-Diego for Unreal Tournamnet


Diego is a Capture the Flag map for Unreal Tournament set in a rocky desert who have experienced several earthquakes where both castles has been damaged.

Each spawn has three exits and three entrances but only two for an attacker taking the flag while the middle underground

section is connected by a bride.  On top of it lies a hole up to the desert where both sides meet face to face and on top of it lies pillars connecting the both sides that can only be reached by the most skilled players.

All assets are from the current build of Unreal Tournament but most of them has been edited to fit the style of the map better.      

Planks for the player to use wallrun 

Small paths around the map is destroyed by an recent earthquake

The underground were the two sides meet with a rocket luancher placed in the middle

Spawn area for the blue team, red teams spawn looks the same 

Design process

I decided to mix several themes in the map making each area easily identifiable, the style was bright blue and dark red that collides in the middle. These colors represent each team aswell.

The flow of the map is fast because that's the kind of CTF maps I enjoy. I wanted to improve my skill with the terrain tool in Unreal so I created almost all outside space with diffrent terrains. The castle is all BSP blocks with rocks meshes. 


Most of the enviorment Insperation came from movies and tv shows.         

Enviorment reference photos

Top down re drawn in photoshop

The layout

I primarily wanted to focus on the middle area where most players meet, it very quickly turned into the main focus for the map. Later on I had to go back and re design the spawn so it would fit the setting and flow. 

Weapon placement was later changed on the map, one example is the spawns where 3 weapons is placed this was to much and made the map unbalanced.

The two paths on the side of the middle was added after feedback and the falk cannon was moved there to spread players out.

The top section where players has to jump between platforms was remade so there is now 4 pillars instead of two. Between the two pillars in the middle lies a Big Keg(extra health).       

Blocking out

The unreal 4 engine uses unreal units (1uu->1 cm) for scaling which took a while to get use to since I'm so used to Hammer's power of two system. There was an option to use the power of two scaling system but all the actors and measuring textures was adjusted for UE so I took the long road and just adapted to it.

In Capture the Flag it's important to make sure that both sides are having the same length and paths to the flag as the other team. Therefore I used the recommended method and constructed half of the map and duplicated it so it looked the same for both sides.

This made the map balanced for both teams but the structure of both sides made it look dull. To spice it up I decorate each side with different textures and props other side had more wood and bright textures while the other side has more metal and dark textures.         

An early version of the map in the editor

The main entrence to the blue teams base

The player can choose to slide under the gate or just go around it

Cover from snipers was added after playtesters feadback